Address and Delivery Schedule

Address Format


The following address and format should be used for undergraduate mail, where #### designates the student's 4-digit mailbox number:

Student's Full Name, #### 
70 Morningside Drive
New York, NY 10027


Web forms may vary in how your address can be submitted. Try to include your #### mailbox number using one of the lines typically provided: either Address 1, Address 2, or Apartment.

The word "box" should never be used in the address. Mail should never be sent to a student's residence hall address. Mailboxes are located in Lerner Hall. The Package Center is located in the lower level of Wien Hall.

Delivery Schedule

The Undergraduate Package Center typically receives two deliveries of mail daily. All incoming mail is processed within 24 hours, excluding weekends and University holidays.

Most 1st class mail and small parcels are received from the USPS in a morning delivery. Mail received before 12:00 noon is deposited to student mailboxes before the end of the business day.

Mail received after 12:00 noon is typically deposited to student mailboxes the same day but may carry over to the next business day if volume is high. Magazines typically arrive with the afternoon delivery.

Green Mail Tip

Students wishing to reduce deliveries of unsolicited direct mail or to manage their direct mail solicitations can visit DMA Choice, the website of the Direct Marketing Association, which allows consumers to complete a convenient online form to reduce or eliminate commercial mailings from the majority of companies that participate in direct mail marketing.