Metered Mail

Upon request Administrative Mail meters outgoing mail destined to off-campus locations. Requests are made by completing and appending a Mail Meter Request Form to applicable mail pieces, and are typically processed within 24 business hours. Postage fees are charged to the applicable departmental account. Outgoing mail is metered on a daily basis.

Drop Procedures

Domestic mail must be bundled separately from international mail. Deposit bundled mail with request form attached, in the large boxes labeled "Outgoing Postal Mail" located in your building's central mailbox area. Outgoing mail may also be brought to the Administrative Mail office for processing.

Mail metering machines can seal regular #10 envelopes; all other envelopes must be sealed before being dropped for pick-up. Any sensitive or confidential items should be sealed, regardless of size, before they are dropped.

Terms of Mail Metering Service

All outgoing mail must be official University business and must include a Columbia University return address. Personal mail such as utility and credit card statements will be returned to the originating department. Any variance from this policy requires a written request for waiver from a department chair or director.

For more information about metered mail, please contact us.

Request Mail Metering

Complete a Mail Meter Request Form and attach it to all mail to be metered.