New Student Mail Vendor

Columbia Mail has transitioned partnership of its Student Mail operations to Swiss Post Solutions, or “SPS.” SPS is a premiere global firm in this field, with proven operational efficiency at other universities across the country and with corporate clients across the world. The SPS team of customer service ambassadors began in July as the new face of Columbia Mail’s Package Center. 

While the Package Center in particular still faces space constraints given the significant increase in shipping volume since Lerner Hall was built, the partnership between Columbia and SPS will result in a more efficient and student-focused approach to managing current operations and resources. The Columbia Mail and SPS team have added kiosks at satellite locations to speed up distribution, increased weekday hours of operation, and increased weekend hours of operation over the prior year. In addition, the Package Center will now accept USPS deliveries on all open weekend Saturdays to process for distribution quicker and accept perishables and rush deliveries. The third floor Mail Center service window will also remain open the entire business day; in prior academic years, it closed between 1 and 3 p.m.