Packages are scanned upon arrival to the Undergraduate Package Center in Wien Hall. Students are notified by email when packages are available for pick-up.

Oversized Parcels

Due to storage limitations, oversized bulk items are kept for up to seven days only. After seven days these items are returned to the sender.

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Students are notified by email upon receipt of a package that is clearly marked "perishable." The Undergraduate Package Center has limited capacity to refrigerate perishables; such deliveries are held for up to seven days, after which they are discarded. Students should ensure that packages containing perishables are properly addressed.

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Package Return Policy

With the exception of oversized parcels and deliveries containing perishables, packages are kept for up to 14 days. If not collected within the first seven days, an email is sent to the student notifying him or her that the package is scheduled for return within seven days. Due to storage limitations, packages cannot be held any longer than prescribed.

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Tracking Packages

To track packages delivered to or sent from the Undergraduate Package Center, you must have the name of the shipping vendor and the tracking number. You can track your package online through the appropriate vendor:

US Post Office Consumer Affairs: 1-800-275-8777

Tracking Tip

A delivery confirmation from the USPS only confirms a package’s delivery to the post office of the applicable zip code (i.e. the Manhattanville branch post office, for 10027); it does not confirm delivery to the Undergraduate Package Center. From the date of confirmed delivery to the post office, please anticipate an additional 1-3 business days for the Package Center to receive and process a package.