Please be aware of the following Columbia University Mail Services policies.

Due to storage limitations and sanitation considerations, oversized parcels and deliveries containing perishables are held for up to 7 business days, after which oversized parcels are returned to the sender and packages containing perishables are discarded.

All other parcels are kept for up to 14 business days. If not collected within 7 business days, a second email is sent to the student notifying him or her that the package is scheduled for return in 7 days. Due to storage limitations, packages cannot be held any longer than prescribed. 

Incorrectly addressed, unsolicited mass mailings are returned to the sender. Other incorrectly addressed mail (non-mass mailing) is a low priority for processing. This mail can take up to several days to process.

Columbia University student groups and affiliated schools, departments, and offices can request flyers to be placed in Student Mail Folders for a fee.

Outside organizations may request a mailbox stuffing if it is in connection with the activity of a student group, affiliated school, department, or office. Nonprofit community organizations, public and civic organizations, political organizations, and governmental organizations should first consult with the University’s Office of Government Relations and Community Affairs as a campus contact to arrange a request. Requests from outside organizations that do not meet these criteria will be denied. Fees to be applied upon approval.

Items cannot be larger than 3 inches wide, 5 inches high, 15 inches deep.

In-house organizations: $550.00 USD

External organizations (non-Columbia University): $1,000.00 USD

All content subject to review before mailbox stuffing. To get the process started, complete our Mailbox Stuffing Request Form.