The Student Mail Center

Incoming mail and packages for residential CC/SEAS students are received at the Student Mail Center in the lower level of Wien Hall. It is the primary pick-up location for undergraduate residents of Columbia Housing. Upon receipt of mail or a package, the Student Mail Center sends students an email notification indicating the pick-up location.

Contact the Student Mail Center directly at 212-854-0100.

Mail Management Portal (SC Logic)

SC Logic is a mail management portal that allows students to login and view the mail and packages they have received at the Student Mail Center. Using SC Logic, students can also reserve a locker or designate a proxy to pick up their mail for them. During the Fall pre-delivery and Check-In periods, students can login to SC Logic to track the status of their packages.

Login to SC Logic

Getting to the Student Mail Center.
Enter through the entrance at 70 Morningside Drive from Sept. 5 through Sept. 10.