Columbia Mail Delivered More than 300 Packages Before Students Moved In this Fall

In an effort to beat the “Fall Rush” of packages delivered to the Student Mail Center each year, Columbia Mail committed to delivering all bulk packages – measuring at least 4 cubic feet or 20 pounds in weight – ordered before August 27 to residence halls in advance of student move-in.  

September 09, 2019

This year 141 students, both new and returning, in 12 residence halls received a total of 323 packages directly to their room. This effort was a continuation of last year’s pilot, in which the Mail team delivered bulk packages to First-Year students only. The minimum size requirement was decreased this year to allow more packages to be eligible, increasing the volume of service year over year. Some of the packages delivered included mattresses, sofas, and other large furniture. 

An additional benefit of the program was the space it freed up in the mail room: an estimated 1,130 cubic feet. It also saved on elevator trips by individual students who would have otherwise had to move their packages alone, freeing up precious elevator space during move-in. The bulk package program helped eliminate an estimated 80 elevator trips on move-in days.